Step 1 | Counselling

Starting is the period where we are collectively designing our workplan and methodologies, defining key goals and deliverables to ensure that we reach the goal you set for completing your plan. We start where you need to start, especially in the case of organisations that have in the past lived through strategic planning processes. We ‘re assembling the team of partners that suits your career track and will lead you through the next phases of transition.
  • Collect your profile
  • Data collection and document review
  • Gather the teams
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Advise best stream suits you
  • Guide for the further action plan

Step 2 | SDLC

We find it useful to build and maintain their information systems using a specific series of measures, called systems development methodology. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a popular system development approach in many organisations, featuring several phases that mark the progress of the system analysis and design effort. For these processes there are many models, each representing solutions to a variety of tasks or activities that occur during the process.

  • Plan on the scope of the requirements
  • Gather requirements
  • Design prototype
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance of system

Step 3 | Dream job

To measure your success and accomplishments you should set targets and milestones. Speak to the supervisor about these priorities and explore areas for progress and learning outcomes. It is an opportunity to test a possible career path and the more you’re exposed to, the more you’ll be able to determine. Our goal is to support our collaborators to support students achieve academic success and professional preparedness nationally by promoting quality field experiences.

  • Orientation
  • Document Requirements
  • Assessment and communications demo
  • Tech support
  • Schedule interview