NexusUdaan is a reputed international student consulting services who helps thousands of young people fulfill their dreams to Canada every year. We have a dedicated team of immigration specialists who provide you with the best advice on how to apply for an international visa. The up-to date advice ensures that you remain clear of the potential flaws that may be rejected by your application. However, we are also well aware of a Canada government and immigration changes where you plan to pursue your higher education.

What We do


We help thousands of youngsters fulfil their overseas dreams every year. Our experts team evaluate and analyze your application and helps to create a smooth path.

Visa services

We have a dedicated team of immigration experts who will provide you with the appropriate guidance on how to file your international application for Canada.

Student support services

We are right there beside you. Only let us know whenever you need help! We'll teach you whomever you talk to our team to help in your academic goal.

Immigration services

We offer a special experience to all students and provide immigration council, consultation, and representation on behalf of our clients in a timely, professional manner.

Successful story

We are a leading platform for recruitment of foreign students. We have successfully recruited many students to various top universities/colleges across Canada.

Our advisory team is seasoned and professional across our comprehensive network to hire students pursuing higher education for various destinations and institutions.

Cost of Living


$300 - $700


$50 - $60


$200 - $400


$145 - $393

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